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VTC Game, a member of VTC Intecom, is Vietnam's sole government-affiliated game publisher. Since 2006, we have consistently ranked among the top 3 publishers in the country. With our wealth of experience and successful partnerships with major domestic and international partners, we will maximize the potential of your products in Vietnam's market of 100 million people

Cooperation models

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Including but not limited to the following tasks:


Offer comprehensive local legal compliance assistance (publishing license and associated legal procedures)


Integrate a convenient and transparent local payment system


Provide strong and stable technical infrastructure


Localized customization that maximizes alignment with the cultural preferences of the market


Deliver efficient and agile product operations


Creative marketing tailored to the target customer audience


Build a vibrant and sustainable community


Provide attentive and dedicated customer care


Au 2 PC

Client Game

Au 2 PC is a trendy music-fashion-dating PC game.
The game possesses top-notch 3D Anime graphics, a music library with millions of trending songs, character choreography recreated to "Idol standards" and a smooth experience for genuine "dancers".
It has 7 game modes for a lavish experience along with an active community for easy social connections.
If GenZ is looking for a quality game to play, go to Au 2 PC now!

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GoGo Tam Quoc

Mobile Game

GoGo Tam is an idle - card battle game with funny 2D artstyle inspired by Three Kingdoms characters but in shape of ... puppies.
Combining classic AFK features with modern twists, GoGo Tam Quoc gameplay promise to bring players a new experience (and even bitter moments by its unique “Capture” feature)
Looking for a game that plays itself when you’re busy doing other stuff? Emphasizing the hands-free factor, just log-in everyday and immediately receive a huge amount of resources, GoGo Tam Quoc is here to entertain you anytime, anywhere.
Come join us on the journey to conquer the never-before-seen Dog Kingdom!

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Silkroad Origin VTC

Client Game

Silkroad Origin VTC - The only official version of the PC game Silk Road in Vietnam, only authorized by WEMADEMAX published by VTC Game. Silk Road Game is known as a legendary MMORPG with unique 3D graphics. With 2 Asian servers Thien Kim, Hoang Kim and European server Hoang Kim, players can explore journeys connecting two continents with popular culture between the East and the West. Let's join VTC Game in rewriting a youthful aspiration, a desire to conquer all limits and open a new golden age in the ultimate masterpiece Silkroad Origin VTC game.

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Client Game

Audition - Rhythm of Life is the number 1 Music - Fashion - Dating game on computers. Since its launch in 2006, Audition has always stood side by side with many generations of gamers in endless dances. Audition deserves the title of "legendary" in the casual dancing game series with many brilliant milestones: More than 50 million accounts created: Audition has become a vibrant community. Huge music treasure, 2 million gorgeous fashion items, 50 dance modes and a series of unique features for Vietnamese youth to constantly explore and immerse themselves in. On Audition stages, 500 million dances take place each year. Since then, 10 million couples have had virtual weddings, and millions of fan-teams have interacted and bonded from in-game to real life

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Client Game

Battle Teams 2 is a tactical shooting game that is popular with young people around the world thanks to its familiar first-person shooting (FPS) gameplay. But the game internally possesses many differences that make the blockbuster Battle Teams 2 quickly create a breakthrough in the market. With realistic war graphics, both shooting and combining unique skills, legendary AWP flicks, and double-crosses will become more diverse and transformative than ever. Because in the great battlefield of Battle Teams 2, "no battle will be the same because each of us is a different gunner". In addition, Battle Teams 2 is also fully integrated with all the game modes of existing FPS games, has super awesome in-game graphics, and can customize weapons without losing balance in the game. Gunners, choose the best weapon for yourself and enter the great battlefield of Battle Teams 2 right now!

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PHI DOI (ACE Online)

Client Game

ACE Online is a 3D air combat game on PC published exclusively in Vietnam by VTC Game publisher in cooperation with Masangsoft. With the combination of the RPG game genre and the FPS first-person shooter game genre, ACE Online has attracted millions of gamers to participate in the experience. Deserving the position of Vietnam's No. 1 air combat game, the heat and cohesion of the community is shown through a series of nationwide events such as tournaments, offline tournaments, etc. Currently, ACE Online is proud to own A large, united and close-knit community stretching from North to South. Become a space warrior and save your galaxy today with ACE Online - VTC Game!

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Au Beat

Mobile Game

Music - Fashion - Dating Game AU BEAT VTC reproduces the colorful world of music, personalized dance moves with a strong bar, nightclub style on mobile. AU BEAT VTC marked its name and position in the casual dancing game community with over 2 million downloads in its first year of release, hundreds of millions of views on TikTok. The constantly updated music collection keeps up with trends, alongside the vast clothing and accessory collections without limits and diverse styles. AU BEAT possesses many smooth gameplay modes that optimize the player experience on mobile. Download AU BEAT now on the App Store and Google Play.

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Au 2

Mobile Game

AU 2 Music - Fashion - Dating Game No. 1 on Mobile AU 2 - Number 1 Music - Fashion - Dating Game on Mobile. The game recreates a colorful, youthful and modern world. The game possesses a diverse system of dance rooms, beautiful interaction spaces, a sense of depth and sharp scenes. As the first casual dancing game on mobile to own 6 dance modes and a trendy fashion collection, players can freely mix-match and become a true fashionista. Not only that, AU 2 also brings powerful social interaction features such as matching, breeding babies... Therefore, over many years of operation, AU 2 has succeeded in becoming the most successful matchmaker for over millions of gaming couples. Download AU 2 now on the App Store and Google Play.

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Mobile Game

UFC - Football Superstar Top Football Management Game in Vietnam on Mobile UFC - Football Superstar is the top Football Management Game in Vietnam with stunning graphics and authentic experiences powered by lively 3D technology down to every detail. The game owns over 5,000 licensed FIFPro players from national teams and clubs worldwide, with designs just like real life and smooth movements making every play a visual feast. Not only excelling in graphics, you can also test your managerial skills with systems of formations, tactics and highly diverse Team Management features. Start building your dream team and conquer top tournaments with UFC - Football Superstar now!

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Phuc Kich (The Kill Box)

Mobile Game

New generation Mobile eSports shooting game The Kill Box is a mobile first-person shooter (First Person Shooter) standard eSports. With the experience of successfully releasing the famous shooting game - Cross Fire PC, VTC Game publisher is determined to bring a free ambiance for FPS gamers to easily participate in eSports tournaments directly and experience shooting like a true eSports athlete right on your smartphone. The Kill Box enables gamers to satisfy their passion with familiar modes: bombing, single/team combat, zombies, ghosts,... and hundreds of legendary items and weapons: AWP, AK47, M4A1 , Shotgun,... Sign up for The Kill Box and experience it now!

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Toonder Comics

Your comic world Toonder Comics is the latest webtoon comic reading application today, possessing full features to meet the needs of young people. Toonder Comics with more than 100 copyrighted and free series of all genres, from Romance, Boy love, Action, Time Travel,... The application is expected to become a place for story enthusiasts to meet. gather and interact.

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VTC Chinese Chess is a chess game product of VTC Fun gaming portal. The game gathers chess masters in Vietnam, a place for demonstrations of difficult moves and variations, with various large and small tournaments. With refined graphics, friendly interfaces and many player options, VTC Chinese Chess will bring chess masters captivating mental battles on the game board along with worthy opponents and anonymous Chinese chess experts. VTC Chinese Chess is the right choice for all Vietnamese gamers who are passionate about Chinese chess/upside down chess with 4 extremely smooth game modes and completely free. Join and prove your status as a Chinese chess king now!"

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Client Game

Ragnarok Online is a role-playing game published by VTC GAME, where players take on the role of explorers, teaming up to discover a vast world, battling evil forces and searching for fragments to protect the peace of the god Ymir. Ragnarok Online features pure RPG gameplay with familiar grinding and leveling systems. With an engrossing plot set in a fantastical mythological world, players are immersed in an extremely vivid and realistic world, joining together to fight and protect it.

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Zombie Waves

Mobile Game

Zombie waves – VTC Game is a casual style roguelike role-playing game that is very easy to play. This is a survival game where you must get past those infected with disease. Players take on the role of a character who must defend and survive through the gameplay levels.

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Mobile Game

Joining SuperSus, players will go into a spaceship consisting of 10 members, in the spaceship there will be two main groups: the Astronaut group and the Astronaut impostor group. The Astronaut group will be responsible for doing the necessary tasks to repair the spacecraft. If the entire crew's mission is completed or all Imposters are discovered and denounced, the Astronaut group will win. The Impostors aim to sabotage the spaceship by cutting wifi, shutting off power, etc. and trying to eliminate Astronauts without leaving evidence or getting caught by the remaining Astronauts. If an Impostor is the last one left in the room, they win.

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War and Order

Mobile Game

War And Order is a real-time strategy mobile game set in medieval Europe published by VTC Game. In the game, players will play the role of lord of a land, participating in building the kingdom. their country, developing national resources, both economic and military, before expanding into the world and building powerful empires.

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