Terms of use of VTC Game account

Welcome to VTC Account System built and developed by VTC Intecom Technology and Digital Content Company. To register an account and use the service on VTC Account System, please carefully read the following service use agreements:

1.1. Concept of VTC Account System

VTC account system is an account management and billing system for VTC's online services, and provides online payment solutions for partners' digital content services.

1.2. Vcoin is a payment unit in VTC Account System with the current conversion rate of VND 1000 = 1 Vcoin. Deposit packages are packages containing mobile game's own payment unit converted from Vcoin or purchased directly through the https://napthe.vtcgame.vn website system with a separate conversion rate for each game. VTC account system reserves the right to change the conversion rate of Vcoin and these Deposit Packages, we are responsible for announcing on the news on the website https://vtcgame.vn before the change takes effect.

1.3. VTC account system acts as a 3rd party to help payers and payees make payments by having accounts at https://vtcgame.vn. VTC account system is completely independent between payer and payee.

1.4. Vcoin freezing is an account security feature for customers using SMS Plus service, whereby part or all of the Vcoin balance in the customer's account will be stored by the system. This frozen Vcoin will be absolutely safe and even the account holder will not be able to use it until the Vcoin freeze is opened.

1.5. You understand and accept that VTC Account System does not fully function as a bank (e.g. no capital raising activities...) except for making online payments.

1.6. You understand and accept that no interest or any other income from funds deposited by you into your account on https://vtcgame.vn

1.7. You are not allowed to buy and sell Vcoin for profit in any form and all Vcoin is not allowed to be converted to VND. VTC Intecom Company may cancel accounts that violate these terms without any prior notice.

1.8. You are not allowed to provide websites, emails, or any other form of fraud to obtain account information or Vcoin of other accounts.

1.9. You are not allowed to trade Vcoin or Packages loaded from websites, emails, fraudulent accounts or nefarious sources, using the Refund feature of app markets for profit. For cases where customers use VTC accounts to receive bonuses, the issuer reserves the right to revoke the prize and cancel the results if it detects fraud during the bonus receipt process or an error in the system leading to incorrect bonus payment.

1.10. For successful deposit transactions on https://vtcgame.vn; https://napthe.vtcgame.vn; IAP (In-App-Purchase: payment via direct in-game purchase via app markets), we will refuse refunds in any way.

1.11. If we find that you are in breach of any of the provisions of this Terms of Use, we shall immediately block your account without prior notice.

1.12. If an error occurs during the transaction, please contact http://hotro.vtc.vn for assistance.

1.13. We commit that the activities of VTC Account System are in accordance with the Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

1.14. When you register to use payment services at https://vtcgame.vn site, you understand and accept the terms of this agreement.

1.15. You understand and accept that when a dispute arises, the basis for resolving the dispute between you and VTC Account System is this agreement.

1.16. It is strictly forbidden to detect confidential information to take over someone else's account

2. Account regulations and account holder information

In order to use the Services, the User needs to register an account and information about the account owner.

2.1. Specify account name:

- The account name consists of English alphabet characters, numbers, underscores.

- Account name is between 4-16 characters.

- When creating an account, fill in the required information when making registration.

- The creation of an account should comply with the following guidelines:

+ Not to name and create symbols related to famous people, names of Party and State leaders.

+ Not to name and create symbols with reactionary, anti-religious, pornographic, violent content, contrary to fine customs, traditions and culture of Vietnam.

+ Do not name and create symbols with offensive content, encouraging others in any way.

+ Do not name and create symbols with content that disrupts or discredits the services provided by Intecom company, the issuer as well as members of VTC Corporation.

+ Do not name and create symbols of bad guys (terrorist bosses, fascists ...)

+ Do not name accounts containing the words Vcoin, Pay, Audition, face value of Vcoin card, names of services provided by VTC Intecom and partners.

2.2. Account holder information.

- When registering, you need to provide full and accurate information required in the registration form. Starting from the time of upgrading VTC account system (10/01/2013), we will rely on real ID card to support account-related disputes. Providing accurate information helps us protect the legitimate interests of account holders. We only assist in dispute resolution without being responsible for any customer losses.

- Account holders must take care of their accounts, passwords, emails and write down necessary information in case something goes wrong (e.g. hacked, etc.). We are not responsible for any of your losses caused by the use of the service.

The email of the account is the only email used in the system. The account holder is solely responsible for email security and uses the email to register in the system.

2.3. Regulations on activation, blocking and cancellation of accounts from the system:

2.3.1. Account status:

- New account created: is an account created after the customer successfully registers but has not yet done the activation. The account holder needs to activate the account by accessing the activation link that the system sends to the Email declared by the account holder.

Upon activation, the newly created Account will be moved to Active Account status.

- Active account: is an active account of the system, incurring login, payment, transaction operations ... on VTC account system, or other systems of VTC such as GO Social Network, games provided by VTC Online, VTC Mobile, and other units of VTC Multimedia Corporation.

- InActive account: is the status in which the account after 03 months (90 days) does not have any operations related to the account on VTC account system and systems using VTC account according to the specified time. Additional operations include Login/login, Change account information, Payment, and use VTC account to access other online services.

- Unauthenticated account: is the status of an account that has filled in registration information but has not been activated via email

- Account locked statuses

+ Account locked via SMS Plus: is the account status of customers who actively compose account lockout messages

+ Account is locked due to other reasons: is the account status locked by the Account System Administrator due to disputes, transaction errors...

- Purging: is the screening of non-existent active accounts, junk accounts on VTC System periodically.

2.3.2. Regulations on account purification

- Periodic purification period: Purification 6 months 01 time, VTC account system will perform Account Purification.

- Delete from the system: For VTC accounts for a period of 6 months without any transactions on the VTC account system (at least log in to VTC services and games,...), the system will proceed to purge and delete those accounts.

3. Regulations on posting information online

3.1. Information posted on service systems may be provided by members of the service community, we do not independently verify information and are not responsible for such information. Therefore, such information is not considered recommended or verified, we do not accept any responsibility for this information.

3.2. Links from Intecom's service system may lead you to other partners' websites, we will not be responsible for the accuracy of the information posted on these pages.

3.3. We reserve the right to add, modify or delete any information, regulations as well as change the presentation, composition or functionality... of the system without prior notice.

4. Regulations on intellectual property rights

4.1. All products and services provided by Intecom Company have been licensed and copyrighted by the State. Without the written consent of Intecom Company, users are not allowed to upload, send, publish, distribute products or services in any way.

4.2. Intecom Company is allowed to use free of charge ideas or information content provided by users. The user has no right to claim any financial expenses (bonuses, fees, royalties or other forms of payment...) in connection with the use of this information.

5. Requirements for account holders

The account holder must comply with the provisions of this agreement as well as the following acts:

5.1. Account holder age:

- For games with combat activities using weapons; no sexually explicit activities, images, sounds): Be 18 years of age or older.

- For games with fighting activities, combat using weapons but the weapon image cannot be seen up close, clearly; moderation of the collision sound of weapons when fighting; No activities, images, sounds, revealing characters, pornography, close-ups that bring attention to sensitive parts of the human body): Be 12 years or older.

- For animated simulation games; no antagonistic activity with weapons; no spooky images, sounds, horror, violence; No images, activities, sounds, revealingly dressed characters, pornography, close-ups that draw attention to sensitive parts of the human body: For all ages.

(According to Section 1 Article 4 of Circular 24/2014/TT-BTTTT)

5.2. Personal information provided by account holders includes:

- Full name

- Phone number

- Gender

- Year of birth

- CCCD/ID number

- Provinces/cities inhabited

In case the account holder is under 14 years old and does not have an identity card or passport, the player's legal guardian decides to register his/her personal information to express his consent and take responsibility before law for such registration.

(According to Section 1 Article 6 of Circular 24/2014/TT-BTTTT)

VTC account system reserves the right to cancel account benefits in case personal information is incomplete or inaccurate during the account review period.

5.3. Do not infringe on security or attempt to infringe on the security of VTC Intecom's server system.

5.4. Do not use tools or take advantage of errors arising from the system to change the results of the game or commit fraudulent acts to sabotage or profit

5.5. Do not impersonate other members (system administrators, support specialists,... of VTC Intecom).

5.6. Do not distribute and spread illegal, deceptive, libelous, insulting, obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, hateful, inflammatory... or contrary to the general moral norms of society.

5.7. Do not send advertising information, chain letters or any form of communication for commercial purposes (except as permitted in writing by VTC Intecom)

5.8. Do not send or transmit any information or software containing any viruses, trojans, bugs or components harmful to the safety of the service system.

5.9. Not to send or upload, publish, transmit, reproduce or distribute in any way the contents protected by copyright laws and intellectual property laws of products and services provided by Intecom; or create variations of such content without the written consent of the owner or copyright holder.

5.10. Do not continuously send meaningless words on chat channels to hinder or harass other members.

5.11. There must be no threatening attitude or acts of harassment or psychological inhibition,... for other members.

5.12. Do not use unhealthy, obscene, defamatory, offensive words, words, signs, characters,... service system administrators, players and other organizations.

5.13. There must be no acts of collusion, disruption, obstruction, sabotage, fabrication of information harmful to the community, publishers or partners affiliated with the publisher in all programs, events and services. The issuer or the organizer will take action such as blocking the account or depriving the violating account holder of all rights

5.14. It is not allowed to buy and sell Vcoin for profit in any form and all Vcoin, it is not allowed to be converted into VND. Nexon Co., Ltd may cancel accounts that violate this clause without any prior notice.

6. Rights of VTC Intecom Company

6.1. If it is found that the user violates the provisions stated in this Agreement, we reserve the right to ban or deny access of any account without prior notice. In serious cases, Intecom Company will coordinate with the authorities to hold violators accountable.

6.2. We reserve the right to use account information to send notices to account holders about products and services or promotions via email or postal mail. We may also use this information to conduct investigations (e.g. announcements of service changes in our systems, notifications about promotions or other humanitarian and social actions). We maintain a "NO SPAM" policy, where we don't share, sell, or leak account holders' emails to third parties.

6.3. We reserve the right to change the terms and policies that we believe are no longer relevant in this agreement without prior notice, the user implicitly agrees to abide by the amendments in the new regulations.

6.4. For accounts that violate the above terms, we reserve the right to block the account without prior notice, refuse to continue providing services to the account holder and cancel all benefits depending on the seriousness of the violation

6.5. We will only provide personal information and/or IP address of account holders when required by Vietnamese law enforcement agencies and to do the following:

- Coordinate with investigative agencies to find illegal activities related to information dissemination and cybersecurity.

- Protect rights and property related to the service system provided by us.

- Identification of those who deliberately violate information and cybersecurity laws.

6.6. In events organized by VTC, we reserve the right to cancel customer prizes if the customer's account information is not the customer's owner, or illegal trading between accounts is detected.

6.7. VTC Intecom may cancel accounts for account holders who violate Vcoin purchase and sale in any form without any prior notice.

7. Complaints

7.1. Due to limited storage space of the system, Customer's transaction information will only be stored and displayed on VTC account system within 30 days from the date of transaction. This is also the time VTC assists in resolving complaints. At the expiration of this period, VTC account holders will lose their right to appeal against such transactions.

7.2. When reporting or appealing another account, you need to specify the name of the alleged account, the complaint and its violation. To be protected, please provide all three information about your account (including: ID card, security questions and answers, email address when registering an account) and necessary contact address.

7.3. In the process of denunciation or complaint, you can request the receiving staff to lock your account to protect assets and preserve the remaining Vcoins in the account.

7.4. In case of untrue accusations or complaints about hacking Vcoin, your account will be blocked for a period of 02 weeks.

7.5. In the event of a dispute that requires confrontation, it is our responsibility to notify you at a specific time. You or your principal must be present at: Complaint Resolution Department, Customer Service Center, VTC Intecom Company, 14th Floor, No. 23 Lac Trung, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi at the notified time

8. Transaction History

VTC account system allows account holders to look up transaction history of the last 30 days from the time of lookup and earlier.

9. Terms of Enforcement.

This Use Agreement is binding on us since it is posted on https://vtcgame.vn website and binding on customers since registering to use the services provided by https://vtcgame.vn . When any amendments are posted, we and our customers must comply with the amendments and supplements made by us.